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Este producto es compatible con los siguientes sistemas:
Networking Z9500
PowerSwitch N4000 Series
PowerSwitch N4032
PowerSwitch N4032F
PowerSwitch N4064F
PowerSwitch S4048-ON
PowerSwitch S4048T-ON
PowerSwitch S4112-ON
PowerSwitch S4128
PowerSwitch S4148
PowerSwitch S4148U-ON
PowerSwitch S5212F-ON
PowerSwitch S5224F-ON
PowerSwitch S5232F-ON
PowerSwitch S5248F-ON
PowerSwitch S5296F-ON
PowerSwitch S5448F-ON
PowerSwitch S6000
PowerSwitch S6100-ON
PowerSwitch Z9100-ON
PowerSwitch Z9264F-ON
PowerSwitch Z9332F-ON
PowerSwitch Z9432F-ON
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Dell Networking MPO Type B Crossover cable, Multi Mode Fiber OM4, 3 Meter
Precios desdeCLP$310.247
Ahorro InstantáneoCLP$189.251
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